Prescott Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms deserve greater attention. Why settle for what you have when you can customize the most personal room in your home?

It is a relatively small space and yet you can pack the room with design and function. Consider the function: will it be a master bath, a guest bath, a 3/4 bath or a powder room?

You can give it a lot of punch with powerful personal touches. Stylish sinks, highly functional hardware, freestanding tubs and fixtures that are out of the ordinary.

3 Steps to Bathroom Success

  • Defining a purpose and setting goals Does this need to serve just your family or will guests be using it? Does it need to be kid-friendly? It may be good to write down your goals as you think of what you hope to accomplish.
  • Considering space planning, designs, and layouts Evaluate the existing space. Will it meet your goals or will more space need to be added? Could an existing wall be moved or vanity or tub pushed back through space taken from another room? You may wish to have a traditional look, a contemporary, Scandinavian look or something very trendy.
  • Choosing the right materials Now you need to give attention to flooring, cabinets and vanities, bath fixtures, lighting, counters, and backsplashes.

Prescott Design Center can help

For more information, call (928) 443-3212 and we’ll help you achieve and realize your ideal bathroom vision.

Client Testimonials

I was so pleased to not have to drive down to Scottsdale in order to find the quality of products I’d become accustomed to.
Nancy, Hassayampa Village
We walked into the showroom and said “Wow!”. At that point we realized we could find everthing that we needed without having to drive all over town.
Rick, Talking Rock Ranch
The real interest that Shaynee and Grant took in our project was something none of the other contractors ever offered to provide. Now it shows in the amazing final results of our home remodel.
Bob, Prescott