Other Rooms and Beyond

Other Rooms: Each room in the house deserves good planning and our lighting experts will help you with that.

Outdoor Lighting: Lighting sets the mood anywhere but especially in the outdoors. Decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor dining areas, even trees present opportunities to use chandeliers, lanterns, string lights, or specialty fixtures such as stainless steel pendants. Consider using dimming capable switches and some color.

Also you may find it helpful to use solar fixtures in the more isolated areas to avoid running power to such places as the outside corners of the property or to illuminate walkways. Solar has come a long way in the last few years and has much to offer in convenience and no operating costs.

Kitchen Lighting: Give it your attention

The kitchen has evolved in recent years to include work space for the kids while you cook, entertaining of guests, watching TV after the meal, etc. Therefore the requirements for lighting has also changed.

A single fixture in the center of the ceiling no longer gets the job done.

Good kitchen lighting can not only illuminate but be multifunctional and change the mood. Cooking and doing home work is one thing but enjoying a glass of wine with a guest calls for a different mood. It is well planned lighting that can empower you to accomplish that mood change. The key is Layering.

Outstanding kitchen lighting really needs three layers

  1. Ambiance, general lighting,
  2. Accent, to add depth and dimension to the environment and may include adjustable recessed or track lighting
  3. Task lighting to illuminate work areas such as islands, under cabinets, and inside pantries.

Some experts recommend a fourth layer, decorative or the “eye candy” of the kitchen and may include a chandelier or candlestick-type wall sconce to add interest to a particular space.

About our Associates The Lite Co.

Prescott Design Center can help you through this process with our associate The Lite Co.

The Lite Co. has one of the most impressive selection of lighting in Northern Arizona from sources throughout the country and around the world. You will enjoy working with Mike, Kathie, and their staff for all your lighting and furniture needs.

For more information, call (928) 443-3212 and we’ll help you get the lighting that will illuminate your home and your life.

Client Testimonials

I was so pleased to not have to drive down to Scottsdale in order to find the quality of products I’d become accustomed to.
Nancy, Hassayampa Village
We walked into the showroom and said “Wow!”. At that point we realized we could find everthing that we needed without having to drive all over town.
Rick, Talking Rock Ranch
The real interest that Shaynee and Grant took in our project was something none of the other contractors ever offered to provide. Now it shows in the amazing final results of our home remodel.
Bob, Prescott