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In Northern Arizona, energy efficiency in windows is imperative. We have such temperatures fluctuations in 24 hours and we do have winter! The sun we love so much all year? Without low e glass, all the things we love inside our home will fade beyond recognition. Tired of high heating and cooling bills? Whether it is new construction or remodel, the investment in energy efficient windows will cut those bills immediately.

Prescott Window and Door offers over 20 years experience in the industry. We are known for creative solutions whether working on a blueprint for new construction or discovering termite damage while opening up a wall for replacement windows! We’ve seen it all!

What to consider when choosing windows & doors

  • Energy efficiency for our elevation
  • Internal and external color
  • Wood or vinyl interior
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Design – grilles, transoms, arch tops, side lites
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Appearance compatible with the home style

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About our Associates Prescott Window and Door

Helpful and knowledgeable with decades of experience in the industry, this personable husband and wife team love what they do! Originally, from the Midwest, living in Prescott since 2003, Rick and Lori are thrilled to be a part of our whole house team at The Prescott Design Center, and it shows!
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Client Testimonials

I was so pleased to not have to drive down to Scottsdale in order to find the quality of products I’d become accustomed to.
Nancy, Hassayampa Village
We walked into the showroom and said “Wow!”. At that point we realized we could find everthing that we needed without having to drive all over town.
Rick, Talking Rock Ranch
The real interest that Shaynee and Grant took in our project was something none of the other contractors ever offered to provide. Now it shows in the amazing final results of our home remodel.
Bob, Prescott