Prescott Window Treatments and the Latest Trends

Consider the feeling you want to have in a room in your home and realize that window treatments can go a very long way in transforming the personality of any room in your home.

Maybe you want cozy and comfortable. Or perhaps you want the window treatments to reflect your home’s architecture and your personal style. Whether you want to take the minimalist approach or layers and softness, the array of choices to match your personal style, needs and wants is waiting for you here at the Prescott Design Center.

If you’re not sure what you want, we will help you to plan, design and architect the ideal window treatment situation.

The Latest Trends in Window Treatments

  • Illuminating Curtain Rods: Instantly light up a lackluster window with this innovation. In this collection by the German Company “Blome” the curtain rod comes with built-in LED lights that are lit from an external source, illuminating draperies from above. The last longer that conventional bulbs and emit no heat.
  • Ceiling Mounted Hardware: This feature gives an unexpected way to hang a window treatment and can make a squat window appear taller. They are available in bronze and pewter finishes
  • Tieback holders that bring a whole new look: Like a mink pompom with a Solid Silver Chain Drop or a real Leather Belt with a working Silvertone buckle that you never need to take of at the end of the day.
  • Privacy Glass: A sheet of liquid crystal sets inside the window and is powered by a switch. When on, the glass is clear. When off the liquid crystal molecules line up. Providing an instant privacy barrier.
  • Motorized, electrical powered shades and blinds: You can eliminate the twice a day ritual with the wear and tear on the strings. A single remote can control up to 12 treatments.
  • Let the Light In: Natural light is wonderful and simples of sheer fabrics will add warmth to the room but still let light through. They are available in white but also a fabbulas array of colors.


  • Natural Elements: Organic materials are bringing nature indoors. Matchstick blinds, woven shades, and bamboo layered with sheers create an earthy yet elegant sophistication in any space.
  • Metallics: “Metallic surfaces are back in vogue” says Lori Glider. “Silver, bronze and gold metallic fabrics layered with sheers are making a grand appearance in living rooms and bedrooms”.
  • Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterned drapes create dramatic focal point in the room so do need to stick with solid colors.

Meet our Associate “The Picture Window”

Get top treatment with your window treatment by contacting our Prescott Design Center Associate, The Picture Window. They have been in the business for over 33 years and really know how to treat their customers.

For more information, call (928) 443-3212 and we’ll help you achieve and realize the beauty of your windows.

Client Testimonials

I was so pleased to not have to drive down to Scottsdale in order to find the quality of products I’d become accustomed to.
Nancy, Hassayampa Village
We walked into the showroom and said “Wow!”. At that point we realized we could find everthing that we needed without having to drive all over town.
Rick, Talking Rock Ranch
The real interest that Shaynee and Grant took in our project was something none of the other contractors ever offered to provide. Now it shows in the amazing final results of our home remodel.
Bob, Prescott